Gentle regeneration

fluvo® hydro-massage transforms your pool into a wellness oasis. The nozzle technology is based on a vortex chamber with air admixture, which enriches the water jet with countless air bubbles. This creates a gentle and soothing massage with optimum effectiveness that can be felt deep, deep down. Many muscles of our body are accessible to hydro-massage. The use of different massage strengths placed at different heights enables the targeted massage of individual body parts such as the back and leg muscles as well as the foot reflex zones.

Hydro-massage from fluvo® is a practical investment in your health and a substantial contribution to the quality of your life. It also brings the fun into swimming in your pool.


Individual and local

Movement in water promotes wellness and inner b alance and helps us find ourselves and stake out a new relation to our body. Thus hydro-massage can elevate bodily relaxation into a state of mental and emotional harmony. In addition, hydro-massage has positive effects on pain relief, circulation, metabolism and bodily defenses.

The vibrating effect of the water jet helps to relax aching parts of the body and to stimulate circulation. The local individual hydro-massage can be applied to different body regions.

(1) Shoulder/Nape of the neck (2) Lower back area (3) Buttock muscles (4) Upper thigh (rear) (5) Calf muscles (6) Main chest muscle (7) Upper thigh (front) (8) Palms (9) Soles (reflexology)

Hier wirkt Massage auf den Körper

Spheres of activity

For healthy people, hydro-massage is a pleasant, relaxing and invigorating experience.

Holistic effects

Movement in the water conveys well-being and b alance. Weightlessness and distance from the stress of everyday life help people to find themselves and gain a new relationship with his body. Body, soul and spirit are again perceived as a unity. The positive physical stimuli of hydro-massage lead to a positive mood: we feel well again in our skin.
Physical and mental relaxation is a correlation. The physical relaxation is a measurable lowering of muscle tone. Nerve impulses that stimulate the muscle to tension, become less, the existing basic tension decreases slightly, the muscle relaxes. Something similar happens in mental-spiritual relaxation in the brain. The frequency in which the neural networks of the brain communicate with each other, decreases measurably. The hydro massage can help through physical relaxation to reach mental and emotional b alance.
Of course, we can also consciously share our relaxation with other people and enjoy the bathing experience together. This has a long tradition. When bathing, the social position and importance disappears and man comes to the foreground.

General bodily effects

Each body loses in water seemingly as much weight as the amount of fluid it displaces weighs (Archimedes principle). This is 10 % of our body weight. When we are standing up to our neck in the water, our body weighs only 10 % of our normal body weight. The result is a feeling of lightness and muscle tension is reduced. Relieving of the joints results in pain relief. The easier movement in the water increases the motion range in the joints.

Water temperature
Whether we feel a bit cold or warm is mediated by receptors in the skin. The cold receptors are more superficial in the skin than the heat receptors. However, the temperature perception is dependent on the temperature difference and the stimulus area. Indifferent is the range between 22°–24°C in the air, and in the water between 34°–35°C. For hydro-massage through massage jets, the range from 27°C water temperature is suitable because the bather actively massages and therefore requires a rather „invigorating“ water temperature.

Hydrostatic pressure
Air pressure is important for maintaining body function. In addition to the air pressure, the weight of the water as a hydrostatic pressure has a positive effect on our body. The following effects are achieved:

  • Cardiovascular stimulation: The pressure of the water on the veins (blood vessels that bring the spent blood back to the heart) reduces its lumen (inner diameter of the vessels). This will pump blood back to the heart more quickly and increase cardiac output volume, i.e. the heart pumps more blood to the periphery per beat.
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system, the body circumference can decrease by several centimeters.
  • Deeper breathing: i.e. more oxygen is absorbed into the blood.

Local effects

Reduction of muscle tension and stimulation of the metabolism
Massage reduces muscle tension and stimulates the metabolism. A tense muscle leads to reduced blood flow, i. e. metabolic waste products are not transported away, nutrients do not get into place, hyperacidity occurs in the intercellular space. Through the massage, the muscle softens, its diameter decreases, it comes to a better circulation, to an improved oxygenation of the cells, skin pores open and toxins are flushed out.

Circulation increase
It has been proven that the massage leads to increased blood flow to the skin and underlying muscles. Due to the mechanical stimulus, mast cells are stimulated to release a tissue hormone (histamine), resulting in enlargement of the capillaries. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that serve for the exchange of substances between blood and tissue.

Pain relief
The pulsating effect of hydro-massage positively influences skin, connective tissue and musculature. We rub and press a painful spot in order to soothe the pain. This age-old experience is probably at the bottom of all massaging. As a result of pressing and rubbing, specialized perceptive cells in the skin (mechanoreceptors) transmit a large number of signals to the central nervous system, thus ”cover up” the perception of pain.

Activation of life force
The massage jet causes acupressure of the acupuncture points and activation of the energy pathways in the body. It is interesting that the human being feels what is good for him.

Psychic effect
Most people find a massage to be very pleasant. This feeling of relaxation and “feeling good” is registered in our brain, the limbic system. This reduces the release of stress hormones, stabilizes the immune system and improves wound healing. The relaxation we experience also leads to a relaxation of the muscles, the vegetative nervous system (sympathetic) calms down, i.e. blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate decrease, as well as the sensation of pain, the general condition improves. Fears and depressive moods also improve.

fluvo® Hydro-massage

Areas of application

The series pro, compact and Q-Line of the fluvo® hydro-massage are available in three different massage strengths (comfort, balance, pulsive) and thus cover all muscle groups optimally.

  • For the back and neck, we recommend the nozzle balance for a wide and caressing massage jet of 12 m³/h
  • For the thigh muscles, we recommend the nozzle comfort for a wide and powerful massage jet of 20 m³/h
  • For the targeted relaxation of muscles we recommend nozzle pulsive with a local and concentrated massage jet of 7 m³/h

Bubbles in the water

Many massage systems function purely with water pressure to achieve a massaging effect. The heavy impacting of the water stream on skin and tissue does more harm than good in this situation. hydro-massage from fluvo® is different: The water stream is enriched with countless air bubbles in an innovative swirl chamber. This effect creates a gentle and soothing massage with optimum effectiveness that can be felt deep, deep down. The product series pro, compact and Q-Line are available in 3 different massage strengths (comfort, balance and pulsive) and therefore optimally cover all muscles.

fluvo® Hydro-massage

Multible designs and different massage strenghts

Wide area – strong
e.g. Thigh
Wide area – caressing
e.g. Back, legs
Point massage – intensive
e.g. Calves, soles
compact series
pro series
Q-Line series
Stainless steel
matt or glossy


  • Innovative nozzle technology
  • Different massage strengths
  • Multiple design options
  • Positioning and number freely selectable
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Made of high quality stainless steel or composite

Technical data:

  • Massage strength:
    comfort 20 m³/h, balance 12 m³/h, pulsive 7 m³/h
  • Dimensions per nozzle: 150 – 180 mm
  • Suitable for all pool types and retro-fitting
  • Safety and conformity with international regulations and standard


The system Hydro-Massage

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Activation option

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