Maximum safety for bathing guests

Suction points still represent a largely underestimated source of danger. Incorrect layouts, improper installations and defects during operation can lead to severe bathing accidents.

The secur® product series sets completely new standards here in the area of safe suctioning. Designers, architects and operators of public swimming pools can rely on tested suctioning systems which conform to current standards and safety regulations (e.g. DIN EN 13451).

Product benefits:

  • Patented grid structures prevent suctioning of hair and clothing pieces
  • Flow rate is up to 3 times higher than conventional perforated plate structures
  • Cost savings of up to 70%, thanks to the reduction of suction points
  • Compatible with fluvo® pool water circulation pumps
  • For retrofitting or new installations
  • Safety features inspected and certified by LGA
  • Consulting and support in the design calculation
secur® 40, secur® classic and secur®


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