X-jet Counter current systems

Practise like the pros

The counter current system X-jet is, thanks to its modular design, suitable for the ambitious training of professional swimmers as well as for family leisure swimming. The control of the X-jet is done through pressure sensitive switches, which react to the slightest contacts. The flow velocity of the system can be adjusted by means of a speed-controlled pump so that children can also use the system.

The wide area output flow creates a uniform counter current around the entire body, just like a wave in the ocean.

Due to the modular design of the counter current system, it is possible to have different flows of 1085 – 4000 l/min or 65 – 240 m³/h, depending on the desired intensity of the jet.


  • Modular installation possible
  • Adjustment of the water volume
  • Wide area output flow
  • Automatic air admixture
  • User-friendly operation through pressure sensitive switches


  • Flow rate: 1085 – 4000 l/min (65 – 240 m³/h)
  • Flow velocity: ĕ 2.0 m/s
  • Motor power: 4.0 – 15.0 kW
  • Dimensions per faceplate: 320 x 220 x 25 mm
  • Suitable for all pool types and retro-fitting
  • Safety and conformity with international regulations and standards


Modular installation

X-jet with 80 resp. 65 m³/h
X-jet with 160 m³/h
X-jet with 240 m³/h

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