Operate 2 swimming pool features
with 1 pump

WKvario is the economical combination for compac t pools. It enables to operate 2 attractions alternatively with only one pump. This is possible by an automatic switching valve without a mechanism or electronics. WKvario consists of the counter current system XANAS® or rondo and can be combined with a fluvo® water curtain or hydro-massage nozzles. The massage nozzles or the water curtain are activated if the counter current system is shut off. WKvario combines sporty counter current swimming with a relaxing massage.


Counter current system
& water curtain

  1. Non-return valve
  2. Outlet water curtain
  3. WKvario module
  4. Outlet counter current system
  5. Suction
  6. ON/OFF
  7. Air regulation
  8. Water regulation


Counter current system
& hydro-massage

  1. Outlet hydro-massage
  2. WKvario module
  3. Outlet counter current system
  4. Suction
  5. ON/OFF
  6. Air regulation
  7. Water regulation


  • Combination with counter current system XANAS® or rondo with alternatively a ­fluvo® water curtain (e.g. cobra®) or 1 to 3 ­hydro-massage nozzles
  • Control through counter current system

Technical data

  • Flow: 60 m³/h resp. 1.000 l/min
  • Motor power: 3,0 kW