Water features for hotels and spas

Hotel and spa operators continually need to react to the needs of their guests and market trends. An enormous range of wellness attractions provides the scope required for appealing concepts.

Saunas and wellness facilities equipped with steam baths and bathing tubs, experience showers, hot tubs, sophisticated light systems and sunbeds are a “must” for hotels and spas. However, a pool system with fluvo® water features is an unforgettable highlight for many guests. Our broad product range allows hotel and spa operators to create a distinctively individual and eminently marketable unique selling point.

The user convenience, performance and high quality level of counter current units, hydro-massage nozzles, air bubble systems and air loungers make them the perfect addition to hotel pools. Installation kits are available for every pool type, new constructions and retrofitting (e.g. during pool refurbishment).

Guests become regular visitors, and fluvo® water features are indispensable building blocks for a successful wellness strategy for the long-term loyalty of hotel and spa customers.


Water features for hotel pools

  • Water curtains for hotel pools
  • Water cannons for hotel pools
  • Counter current systems for hotel pools
  • Water features for hotel pools
  • Pool lighting for hotel pools
  • Underwater spotlights for hotel pools
  • Air bubble systems for hotel pools
  • Massage nozzles for hotel pools


Water features for hotels and spas

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